Ferrari 812 Design

Ferrari has completely overhauled the underpinnings and aerodynamics of its super GT, meaning it should be considered an all-new car rather than a replacement for 2012’s F12, says AutoExpress.

It retains its predecessor’s front-engined, rear-wheel drive layout and also gets “a new rear-wheel-steering system” together with “Ferrari’s Side Slip Control”, which lets drivers slide the car without spinning it.

In addition, there is an “active and passive” aerodynamic system, adds the mag, allowing the 812 Superfast to generate more grip at higher speeds without the negative side-effects of drag.

The design has clearly been derived from the F12, says the Daily Telegraph, although the new car is now “festooned in aerodynamic aids that are effective yet discreet”.

“You have to study it carefully to comprehend the extent of the airflow management”, the newspaper adds. Onlookers will be able to see small ducts and “passive aerodynamics” that have been incorporated “to produce downforce while reducing lift and turbulence around the high tail”.

Buyers can also choose from a new colour called “Rosso Settanta” celebrating the company’s 70-year anniversary.


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