Listen, we have a tendency to perceive. You had a protracted laborious day and also the final thing you wish to try and do is add another step to your nightly routine before about to bed. you’re aware that brushing your teeth before bed is “dentist recommended”, however, you don’t see why it’s, therefore, necessary, particularly once the primary issue you are doing after you rouse has opted for the toothbrush. However, the reasoning behind brushing your teeth before bed is pretty convincing, and we’re certain you’ll be a fully-converted night-time toothbrush.

It’s not one thing we have a tendency to wish to trust usually, however, our mouths area unit home to unnumbered numbers of microorganism. It’s simply a truth of life, and whereas smart oral hygiene will facilitate abate the build-up of microorganism, the presence of those very little critters is traditional, and a part of each healthy mouth. the matter, however, is that microorganism eats the food particles left on our teeth, and unharness substances that corrode enamel over time, resulting in caries. Or, as we have a tendency to wish to advise our younger patients: “the microorganism poops on your teeth.”

If that thought alone isn’t enough to persuade you to brush before bed, you must apprehend that this “bacteria poop” will the serious injury to your teeth if left unrestrained. this will cause gum unwellness, cavities, and a spread of alternative ailments. At night, your mouth and teeth area unit inactive and don’t turn out an equivalent quantity of spittle as throughout the day, removing one of all the mouth’s most vital defence mechanisms.

The best defence is regular brushing, and particularly, brushing right before bed. This virtually clears your roof of the mouth, removing any and every one of the loose food particles stays microorganism notice delicious. unused to eat, the microorganism has a more durable time reproducing and cause abundant less of a control on your teeth. therefore even supposing you’re in the habit of brushing frequently throughout the day, failing to try and do therefore at nighttime provides microorganism with a fairly wide window to try and do their injury.

So don’t forget to form an intensive tooth-brushing a part of your nightly routine. And for it to essentially work, you’ve got to form certain that it’s the end issue you are doing, which means no hour snacks! attempt it for yourself and you’ll be rewarded with healthy teeth for years to come back.


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