Mobile phones will be without the battery

The phone will run without batteries. How much do you think might be? He will not have to worry. Madelabhede price of the phone in just five to ten dollars. The price is so low, run without the battery, then surely no shortage of the phone, there is a suspicion that it is not unusual!

Funny thing, the right suspect. “No phone ‘is the name of a camera on the phone, listening to music, which has not even spoken on the phone to nothing. This is just a piece of plastic, which is only for the customer to remove from the minds of the smartphone has been created.

For enthusiasts, there is a ‘phone of the three models. That is just a piece of plastic in the shape of the features of the model, which has been named no phone Zero, worth five dollars. Then there is a second model, which costs only ten dollars, the customer’s mind, to comfort the fake buttons and a port that has been kept. And if that does not relieve the customer comes to mind, then the model features’ no phone Delphi “can buy.

The phone has a screen of the phone in black glasses and fake buttons and a portamento has given a guarantee that they will not work any kind. Whether or not they want to guarantee the work, this will guarantee that there is no doubt about it.

“No phone van Good co-founder of the company has its own web pages, weight, size similar to the original phone. Customers do not mind that at all, not with the phone, so it is designed to phone. A total of 40 thousand units have been sold so far, because of the Senate no phone.


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