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New 911 GT3 RS roughly your cup of tea? concern not, as Ferrari’s upped the hardcore supercar ante with its new 488 Pista, its latest track-focused special.

It’s the most recent terribly very, terribly gifted line of cars – the 360 Challenge Stradale, 430 Scuderia and 458 Speciale before it isn’t simply 3 of the most effective Ferraris, however, 3 of the most effective supercars. Full stop.

Ferrari says the 488 Pista makes a ‘significant step forward’ from all of them, with many motorsport-derived technologies resulting in its name. Pista is Italian for the track if you’re questioning.

It’s the primary within the series to be turbocharged, exploitation the regular 488’s three.9-litre twin-turbo V8 however with many light-weight parts and an influence hike, from 661 to 711bhp, a hefty 50bhp rise once the total automobile has born 90kg. It’s now 1,280kg before fluids.
It’ll be flipping quick, then. Ferrari says 0-62mph in a pair of.85sec, 0-124mph in seven.6sec and a prime speed of ‘more than’ 211mph. however, anyone who’s driven a Stradale, Scuderia or Speciale – euphemism, even been among an equivalent zip code united – can grasp speed is merely [*fr1] the story. These cars square measure regarding noise and interaction.

A new metal exhaust ought to look out of the former; it’s an equivalent material utilized in the system of the extremely quite loud Jag F-Type SVR, therefore this Pista ought to be a corker. Then there square measure all the tweaks to form the 488 handle even higher.

There square measure mechanics influences from the Ferrari 488 GTE racecar; its front and rear diffuser styles square measure borrowed to hike downforce up by twenty percent, while not the requirement for Associate in Nursing outsized rear wing (we’re viewing you, GT3 RS). The hero-making skid Angle system additionally enters its sixth generation, adding fine management of the brake callipers into its suite of school that brings massive, lurid skids to the plenty (as well because of the Massas).

The Pista’s styling evolution over a regular 488 is extremely almost like the Speciale’s over a regular 458, with squared-off angles, delicate aggression and nonmandatory stripes. we expect it’s spectacular. It’s the primary Ferrari to supply nonmandatory 20in carbon wheels too if you’re therefore inclined. within it’s a bit like a Speciale, too, with four-point seatbelts, no carpets and a general air of focus. you’ll be able to create it all swish once more if you want, however it’d be rather missing the purpose.

A battle royale is production between the 488 Pista and therefore the 911 GT3 RS, and each are on show at next month’s Geneva motor show. If you may take either on a track day, which might it be? And where?


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