Sitting Position

According to the psychologists WHO study visual communication, sitting position talks regarding people’s intentions. the purpose is that we have a tendency to try this unconsciously, and since of that, through our sub consciousness, it manifests our hidden instincts and desires. area unit going to} see what people’s intentions by the method they place their legs whereas sitting are.

Position A one – generally individuals like sitting during this position and need to guide themselves by the principle: If I cowl my head with a blanket, the monster can go away! They believe that the problem can resolve on its own. Sometimes, such Associate in Nursing approach works and other people ar happy, however generally not, and therein case the matter is being pointed to some other person. it’s quite simple to speak with such individuals, they’re not boring, they switch simply, and that they seldom method an equivalent thought for a amount of 1 week. These individuals ar terribly inventive, charming, and a bit immature. they’ll say one thing 1st, and so have faith in what they did.

Position B two – those those that sit during this position ar dreamers. they need an excellent imagination and need to dream of things. individuals decision them “the soul of the team or the company”. it’s ne’er boring with them as they usually generate new, and generally wonderful ideas. they require to travel and create new friends simply. they’ll with impatience sit up for Mon or the yr so as to start out a replacement page in their lives, as everything will begin at that instant, while not abundant puzzling over it. they’ll quickly modification their look, partner, business, city, and even a state – all of this can be utterly traditional for them.

Position C three – these individuals apprehend what comfort feels like. they’ll not pay their weekend getting to the mall and creating their vogue excellent, however they’ll pay uncountable time in selecting the correct fragrance or cream. Their relationship toward garments is terribly difficult, thus, they’re terribly capricious and choosey. they’re usually encircled with a thus known as “chaos”, however in what others contemplate it a chaos, there’s a precise logical system: the owner will notice all the mandatory things with closed eyes. These people’s main weakness is that the inability to concentrate on one thing special, and can’t concentrate for a extended amount of your time. Moreover, they simply burst the subject.

Position D four – those that sit during this position don’t need to be late, and that they don’t need others to be late, too. they’re sensible, intelligent, sensitive, and believe that unhealthy peace, is healthier than a decent quarrel. These individuals feel uncomfortable if somebody shows their feelings in an exceedingly public place (whether it’s a fervent kiss or a quarrel of the spouses). If the person needs to seat with the legs connected, and looking forward to the full foot, then this person is open, direct, and perhaps a touch insolent. Moreover, he or she is incredibly neat naturally. If during this position, the person needs to boost the higher a part of the foot, relaying on the heels, be sure, that even supposing they appear restrained, they’re truly able to oppose everybody. The world, for this person, is Associate in Nursing unfriendly encompassing, and his or her home is a come back reasonably a shelter, defense behind whose walls they’ll hide from all the troubles. Any objections on their account is taken into account Associate in Nursing reference that one thing isn’t happy with them, and instantly starts a counterattack.

Position E five – these individuals don’t rush and if they enter a wedding they won’t rush to make a family, before they gain education and find a career, as they believe everything has its own time. they’re characterized as persistent (which will generally grow to be stubbornness) and that they hasten towards the life’s aim. Ambitions are the most encouragements for these individuals to dump their vagaries and move forward to the place wherever dreams come back true. Their look is extremely necessary to them and nobody is aware what they’ll do to keep up the proper kind. there’s tiny low insecurity somewhere deep in their soul, and infrequently settle for criticism (even a friendly and constructive one) with objections.


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